Rodent Control Brooklyn NY

Pest Control Brooklyn NY



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Rodent Control Brooklyn NY

Off the ground storage of pipes, lumber, firewood, crates, boxes, gardening equipment, and thinning of dense vegetation and climbing hedges around the house will help reduce the rodent population and make their detection easier. Rodent proofing is the most successful and long lasting form of rodent control. Sealing all the cracks and openings in the building foundations and basements will keep the Norway rats at bay and covering all openings above ground level inside and outside the house keeps the roof rats at bay. Rodent population can increase rapidly if food and shelters are available easily. Best way to reduce rodent population is to cut the food, and water supply for long term results.

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Dust Mites are big problem to people with problem of asthma and allergies, they can be found in your beds, books, on animals, cloths and furniture. Without proper pest control, these mites create allergies and cause you whole day sneezing, causing exertion, regular headache and pain. We offer pest control and protection against such hidden dangers which lives along with you.

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Why to sit and wait for the diseases and problems which are cause by these pests. With our experience and skills we will help you in keeping clean and healthy by providing best Pest control Brooklyn.

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Ants, find water sources such as drips, soaking dishes, and left over food which provide source of protein to them. In search of which they find their way through dirt, mud, floor tiles, wooden furniture and cause damage to belongings. We provide pest control which not only take care of these situations but also assure you good riddance from these tiny home invaders.

If you ever had an experience with bed bugs- you will probably know that they are the worst of the ‘illusionary monsters’. Now days, they are making a comeback. Excessive use of pesticides has made them resistant and now they are hitching rides on luggage and clothing more frequently. Even, five star hotels and glamorous restaurants are not safe from their wrath. In fact, according to NY times, in New York City bed bug complains have doubled in past 2 years, especially in apartments.

Once the entire infestation is eradicated, our monitoring team takes over and keeps a close vigil of the site and records the development of the treatment on a weekly basis throughout the year to make sure that the treatment done is perfectly working. The details collected by the team are forwarded to the research wing for analysis and the updates are shared with the staffs during on the job training.



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